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- Cable Yarding Software

CYANZ has been developed to fill an increasing need for up to date harvesting software in the forest industry.

  • CYANZ is a cable yarding analysis application that is user interactive allowing the planner to derive optimal cable setting solutions
  • CYANZ allows users to complete a comprehensive study of the terrain and it is suitable for cable yarding more quickly and effectively than current applications.
  • CYANZ combines the best features of currently used applications with GIS capabilities and dynamic modelling and presents them in an easy to use all in one application.
  • CYANZ displays the results graphically over the map allowing the user to quickly identify problem areas, making pages of tabular data unnecessary.
CYANZ Features
  • Interactive Payload Analysis Program
  • Multi System Analysis
  • GIS Compatible
  • 3D Terrain Modelling
  • Determines Optimal Setting Boundaries
win 95, 98 and higher

CYANZ will work on all modern operating systems and utilise increasingly sophisticated terrain information.

use a range of info sources

CYANZ have been developed to accommodate the use of digital terrain, survey and paper map info.

  • Use digital terrain info and let CYANZ create the terrain model, allowing you to quickly and effectively optimise harvest settings for the area.
  • Use survey info to quickly assess the harvesting suitability of a surveyed site.
  • Use paper map info to quickly and easily define the terrain characteristics and determine site suitability.

For more information on CYANZ contact Harvest Pro NZ or follow the link below to the CYANZ website

Cyanz Profile
CYANZ profile

Cyanz Payload
CYANZ payload



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